Life Is Waiting!


What does it take to live well in retirement? Good health, sound finances, supportive family and friends, and a fourth ingredient – a strong sense of purpose in life. Retirees with strong purpose are happier and healthier, more active and socially engaged, and they live longer. 


“Retirees with purpose don’t just stay busy, they make retirement the most meaningful and fulfilling time of their lives. They want to feel useful even more than youthful”


Marc Freedman CEO of and Author of “How to Live Forever


Are you ready to answer the call that will help you live a post-retirement feeling more alive, vibrant with zest and energy, really savoring and enjoying life?

We can help you with a FREE Jumpstart Strategy Session.

This is a free exploratory session is perfect for you if you feel & 'stuck in a rut” - bored and disillusioned since quite frankly YOU planned for your financial needs but planning for your emotional and psychological needs might have been deferred. You did not plan exactly what you wanted to do with the
next 20+ years of your life.
We'll help you see what's getting in the way of growth and what's possible with the right help!


  • You are a retired teacher who is tired of waiting. 

  • You are feeling empty, lost and bored?

  • You wake up each morning thinking, “I want more from life… I am not done yet… I have lots more to give?”

  • You’re done trying to figure out it out solo

  • You are ready to accept new growth


If you've known for some time that a change is needed, then the next best step you can make now is registering for a Jumpstart Strategy Session.


It's 100% free, private, 1-on-1, and designed to help you trade in boredom and emptiness for a sense of confidence, enthusiasm, and excitement about the future!


You will:

Create a clear vision for the kind of life you want to live!

Leave the session renewed, re-energized and inspired to design an exciting future so that you get up each morning excited about life!

Uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your growth and keeping you stuck!

Imagine what your next chapter would feel like...



With just one exploratory call, we're able to look into your life after teaching with you, pull back some of the curtains you may have kept shut for a while and pour the light onto the things that are going to move the dial for you as you prepare yourself to take your next big step.

Go ahead and book the free call now:

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